Civil Rights Corp



JusticeAid is thrilled to support the work of  Civil Rights Corps, in the fight against inequality in our legal system. Please join us for two events in April:

Benefit Concert On April 24th
JusticeAid returns to the Hamilton in Washington, DC for a birthday celebration of Billie Holiday’s music, with special artists Cecile McLorin Salvant, Paula Cole, Marshall CrenshawKandace Springs, and Dom Flemons.  All tickets sales will go to Civil Rights Corps and its co-beneficiary Essie Group.

Panel Discussion: The Criminalization of Poverty: 21st Century Debtors’ Prison
Civil Rights Corps’ Alec Karakatsanis, Gina Clayton of Essie Justice Group, and some special guests will engage in a critical conversation regarding the steep path to justice for Americans with fewer financial resources. The invitation-only panel will be held at Wilmer-Hale law firm, in Washington, DC and will be live streamed and available to all on JusticeAid’s Facebook page.

Approximately 70% of Americans in jail today are there because of a lack of financial resources with which to pay bail bonds and related fees (even for petty crimes like parking tickets). This is jail time predicated solely on financial need. Civil Rights Corps and co-beneficiary Essie Justice Group are making major strides to fight inequality in our criminal legal system. JusticeAid is excited to help, and we appreciate your support.

Alec Karakatsanis,
Alec Karakatsanis, Founder and Executive Director of Civil Rights Corps

About Civil Rights Corps
Civil Rights Corps brings cutting-edge class-action litigation all over the country to challenge corruption in our legal system, and they’re making a major impact. Civil Rights Corps has already has won victories over unconstitutional bail systems in jurisdictions in Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and more, as well as challenging debtors’ prisons all over the South. Civil Rights Corps succeeds because of their commitment to partnering with community-based organizations in each of the localities where they take action, ensuring that local solutions take shape based on local input.




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