NJDC_Descriptor2_RGBThe mission of the National Juvenile Defender Center is to promote justice for all children by ensuring excellence in juvenile defense. 

  •  The NJDC was founded to ensure that every child facing prosecution in juvenile court is represented by an attorney, a specialized attorney trained to defend children.  “NJDC protects children’s constitutional right to counsel,  and we’re so appreciative of JusticeAid for standing by us and raising awareness about our work. We need more groups like JusticeAid,” said NJDC Executive Director Kim Dvorchak.
  • For a child, access to justice at its very core requires access to counsel. Fair and reasonable treatment of youth in delinquency courts is virtually impossible without the availability of specialized and highly skilled counsel advocating for the expressed legal interests of the child client.
  • America’s Children are Overdue for Due Process—nearly 50 years after the US Supreme Court proclaimed children have a constitutional right to counsel, too many youth enter into blind plea agreements without consulting an attorney and without having a complete picture of the lifelong, direct, and collateral impacts of juvenile court adjudications, including incarceration.

Read Huffington Post article Defending the Childhood of Brendan Dassey, written by Executive Directors Kim Dvorchak of NJDC and Jody Kent Lavy of The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth.


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